Category: Dog Training

Feb 19

Training Your Dog Not To Bite

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), dogs bite more than 4.7 million people per year. Law suits, medical bills and sometimes dog euthanasia are common results from this unwanted – and often avoidable – behavior. As with any dog training issue, how easy or difficult it is to train a dog not to …

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Feb 14

Specialized Dog Training: Service Dogs

And you thought normal dog training was difficult. Sit, stay, down, come, heel… all require weeks or more of dedicated trainer and dog effort to master. Now, consider the months or years needed to train a police, search and rescue, guide or other service dog. Training these special animals starts with careful selection. It’s no …

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Feb 03

Training Non-neutered Dogs

Not every dog gets spayed (removal of female reproductive organs) or neutered (removal of male organs). Whether through an intention to breed or other motive, many individuals leave their companions intact. Left with a full complement of nature’s hormones, these dogs can react differently than their surgically altered counterparts. Males with the normal amount of …

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Jan 17

Dog Training – Tips for Large and Small Dogs

No project, apart from raising a child, requires more patience than dog training. All breeds have different attributes that present challenges. Some are intelligent, but boisterous and easily distracted. Some are eager to please, but dim-witted. But special considerations are required for size. Small dogs are easily transported, providing more choices for a training area …

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Jan 01

Dog Training Devices, Tools Not Substitutes

The creativity of trainers and those who supply them with additional tools is never-ending. To the new or casual trainer there appears a dizzying array of devices. Though many are useful, they shouldn’t be viewed as substitutes for training knowledge. Before using any of the tools discussed below, be sure your dog is in good …

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